Early Retirement Letter (From Employee to Employer)

Early Retirement Letter

Usually people like doing their jobs and most of us don’t want to retire at all and always want to work but even with that great passion, there comes a time when you just want to quit everything and sit all day with your family and grand kids. This is the time when you resign from your job and ask for an early retirement from your employer.

When a person is hired by a company, he is legally obliged to work until he is 60 years old and before that time, his employer can’t ask him or force him to take retirement but if the employee wants, he can do it anytime he wants. It could be due to a medical situation, an illness that is keeping him from working or anything personal that doesn’t let him work freely. This is when the employee requests formally for an early retirement through a letter to the employer. The key reason of writing this letter is to inform the employer that one is leaving his job and to ask for retirement or pension plans i.e. 401K plan etc.

What to add in the Early Retirement Letter?

It is really important that even if you are leaving your job, it’s possible that one day you might want your employer some favor and it’s a good idea to leave the things on good terms so that you both have good and open future relationship. Keep in mind that it’s not a letter to show your irritation of working for a crappy boss all these years but you just need to end everything in a good way.

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Early Retirement Letter

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Employee Promotion Letter

Employee Promotion Letter

An Employee Promotion Letter is a formal letter to inform and congratulate an employee in the company for his promotion by the employer or head of department. Usually when an employee is promoted, he is informed formally by the manager or office supervisor via a letter which also serves as the proof of promotion.

In small companies and domestic organizations, office manager is the one who informs the employee about his promotion and he is the one that writes this letter where in high level organizations, it’s an obligation of HR department to deal with this matter. The head of HR department writes this letter and informs the employee about this good news.

An Employee Promotion Letter is a formal business document and it needs to be written in a formal way suitable for business purposes. The tone of this letter should be professional even if you have personal friendship with the employee who got promoted. You can congratulate him in a formal way but you don’t need to make the letter any professional way of communication. If you want that, you should write a separate letter to him as a friend not as the head of HR department.

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Employee Promotion Letter

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Sample Eviction Letter

Eviction Letter

In this present economy and employment circumstances, it’s not possible for everyone to own their houses and most of the people have to rent a place either it’s a house or an apartment. The person who rents the house is called the tenant and the person who owns the house is called landlord. When a tenant rents a house or any other building, he signs a contract with the owner so that they both obey the laws and regulations. This is also very important because with having a signed agreement, the owner reserves the right to vacate the tenant if there is a violation committed where on the other hand; this contract also benefits the tenant as the owner can’t ask them to leave the building without any solid reason.

The notice or document that is sent to the tenant in order to ask him to vacate the building is known as eviction letter. Usually this notice is prepared by an attorney but that’s not necessary as the owner can also write this letter by himself but he has to take care certain elements that need to go in the letter.

Important Elements of an Eviction Letter:

  • First of all and the most important element to consider is that the tenant did violate the agreement and there is no misunderstanding. It is better that before writing this letter, the owner gives a chance to the tenant to explain himself.
  • There’s a need to be some time period for the tenant to vacate the building so that he can search for another place to shift to. It can be minimum 7 days and maximum 25-30 days depending on each owner.
  • Once the owner sends the letter, he should confirm that the tenant has received it.
  • The owner needs to indicate the reasons of eviction in the letter for legal procedures.

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Eviction Letter

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Sample Goodbye Letter (For a Coworker)

Good-bye Letter Sample

It doesn’t sound like one but when you work with dozens of other employees in an office, you feel a special connection and treat most of them as your family members. When a junior employee is absent, all the other employees get worry about him and contact him to find out if he is okay or when a senior employee is not feeling well at work, you all ask him to take a break and divide his duties to complete his tasks. In the same manner, when there is a news that an employee is leaving or getting retired after working with you all these years, it doesn’t seem fair but you have to respect his decision and say goodbye to him in such a manner that he feels that his presence really meant something in the office.

Saying Goodbye to a coworker is one thing but if you were really close to him, you shouldn’t only say goodbye but you also need to send him a farewell letter. This is just a way to show him that you really liked working with him and it makes you sad that he won’t be here in the office anymore. Although a goodbye letter is a personal letter but there is a big difference in writing this letter to a coworker and a superior. Here we are going to provide a sample for your convenience.

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Good-bye Letter Sample

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Sample Letter of Credit

Letter of Credit

Understanding what a letter of credit is, is a difficult job for most of us and especially when you are not related to business and corporate world, it is very complex for you to understand the basic concept of a letter of credit. But, here we are going to explain this concept in simple words as; a letter of credit is issued by a financial firm i.e. bank or a loan company to another bank or an individual ensuring them that their client will make the payment.

For example, you want to sell your company but you don’t know if the buyer will be able to buy it and pay for it or not so you ask him to contact his bank and ask them to issue him a letter of credit which proves that the bank takes the responsibility on behalf of the buyer and ensures the seller for the payment.

In business world, when two parties or companies do business together, there is a possibility that one of them might be a defaulter to the bank and if that’s the case, it could create number of problems for the other company. Letter of credit serves as a proof to the other company that no party is defaulter of payment and there won’t be any financial crises in the future as the bank will took all the responsibility.

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Letter of Credit

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Sample Offer Decline Letter

Offer Decline Letter

It’s for sure that if you want to decline a job offer, you definitely have the upper hand. But, that doesn’t mean you can treat people in any way you want. Even if you don’t need this job or want to reject the offer from a company, you have to be patient and tolerant in the letter so that they don’t think that you have such a huge ego that you can’t work with them. Also if you are just declining the offer because of any reasons related to job responsibility, working hours, salary package or incentives, you should discuss that in the letter but only if you are willing to solve these issues with the company and ready to accept the revised offer.

Elements to take care while writing Offer Decline Letter:

  • Be Prompt:
    It is never a good idea to keep the HR staff waiting for you to respond and as soon you make any decision i.e. decision to decline the offer, you should contact the hiring department in the company and let them know that you are really applauded that they offered you this job but you have a lot of other stuff in your plate right now and you can’t accept this offer due to personal reasons.
  • Be Courteous:
    If you are declining a job offer, you have the upper hand but you shouldn’t treat the hiring staff as they owed you this offer and you are happy to reject it. You should use normal and courteous tone in the letter and simply thank them for the offer and then ask them to consider other options or applicants.
  • Be Diplomatic:
    There is nothing wrong with twisting your words a little bit as long as you do it for the sake of hiring department in the company. You can tell them that you don’t think you deserve this job or you don’t have the expertise to handle the responsibility yet.

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Offer Decline Letter

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Permission Letter From Parents for Kids School Trip

Permission Letter Kids School Trip

This is something that is very common in American and European countries where the parents has to allow the school authorities to take their kids on a trip and if they don’t, the teachers can’t take their children anywhere outside of the school. This rule is not for out of station or international trips but if the school wants to take the children in local zoo; it has to first ask for permission from each student’s parent(s). The document that is signed by the parents in order to allow the school for a trip is called trip permission letter from parents.

When both the parents live together as a couple, they don’t need to send two separate permission notices but they can put their names on a single authority document where on the other hand, if the parents of a child are separated, school has to ask for the permission of both parents separately and they have to sign two separate documents in order to permit their kids to go on a school trip.

What needs to go in the Permission Letter?

The parents have to include their names, residential address and the names of the kids they have allowed to go on the trip. Also they need to add the location or destination of the trip in the letter too. In case, any of the children has a medical situation or sickness, the parents have to mention that in the letter and they also need to provide their child’s physician’s contact number in case of any emergency on the trip.

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Permission Letter Kids School Trip

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Thank You Cover Letter to Referrer for Textile Designing Jobs

A terribly written letter will resulted in employer maybe not reading the associated CV or resume. A current study demonstrates that the most typical cause of the rejection regarding the address letters are these:

  • Absolutely nothing ended up being said when you look at the letter that distinguished the prospect: 32 percent
  • Plain spelling and grammar errors (15 percent
  • Obvious utilization of an internet template as their letter (15 percent
  • Letter is only the same with candidate’s application (13 percent
  • Letter is simply too lengthy or also brief (10 per cent)
  • Poor and unappealing layout for the page (10 %)

Here is preview of a Free Sample Thank You Cover Letter to Referrer for Textile Designing Jobs,

Mr. Linder

668 Palisades Avenue Suite A, Cliffside Park, New Jersey, USA



Dated: 09-06-2009

Dear Mr. Linder

I really enjoyed and took advantage of our last day meeting and detailed discussion regarding my career options. It really inspirited my passion and strengthened my partiality toward arts and designing. I feel myself prepared to accept the new challenges and opportunities to utilize my skills on basis of my experience.

Please accept my hearty gratitude for dedicating your valued time for providing me information and guide line for the best options of my career. I really needed your advice in order to finalize my decision to attain a glorious career in designing field. I am very thankful for your serious concern with me personally. I would like you to keep in touch for more instructions.

Thanks for everything

Best regards

Yours truly

Won Cho

10800 Deauville Circle West, Fort Worth, Texas, USA



Thank you Cover Letter after Interview for Textile Designing Jobs

Professional cover page composing services stick to the correct format and placement associated with the required details for instance the address and title of this interviewer. In addition, they can create an interest getting page that attracts employers. Since experts write letters every time, they can produce a custom composed letter that appears out to employers and satisfies your particular requirements. Employment writing services are conscious that the page assists the employer to select the candidate that’ll be well ready to utilize their particular expertise to help the business.

The competition is fierce since there are often 100s of job seekers for each job. A great cover letter produced by cover letter writing services is always a good beginning for standing out one of the audience.

Here is preview of a Free Thank you Cover Letter after Interview for Textile Designing Jobs,

Mr. Christopher Lee

3569 Lind Avenue SW Street 130, Renton, Washington, USA



Dated: 09-06-2009

Dear Sir

Thank you for taking time to interview me for the position of Textile Designer at ABC Textile Mills. I really enjoyed speaking to you during interview. I hope this interview and file of my sample designs both are supporting to convince you in my favor to become a part of your art work team.

I can not live without admiring the fantastic art work created by your team of experts you showed me. It is no less than masterwork. I assure you more efficient quality in my work with fresh ideas to add effectiveness to your designing orders if I am given opportunity to put my skills.

As I mentioned in interview, I have good command for whole range of tools of graphic programs including CAD, Coral Draw, Adobe Illustrator and Photoshop. My file contains full description of tools used in every design.

I look forward to have further news from you in positive sign

Again thanks for consideration


Yours sincerely

Steven Gao

5225 Village View Lane, Stone Mountain, Georgia, USA