Acknowledgment Cover Letter for Teacher Jobs

Billy Faulkner

221 North Popular Street, Adrian, Georgia, USA


Dated: 15-06-2012

Dear Mr. Faulkner

It is my pleasure to receive your letter offering me Mathematics Teacher position with ABC High School. Thanks for honoring me with this opportunity.

I am writing this letter to acknowledge your offer, keeping complete understanding of your terms and discipline. During interview I realized that my skills fully matched with your requirements of this position. I strongly believe that my strong academic background and experience of student teaching allows excellent skills in mathematical concepts, expert abilities of communication with students by understanding their psyche, delivering lecturers in an understandable manner by providing examples and supplying my affection to every individual. I am confident to prove my capability not only in good favor of my dear students but also for academic records of institution.

I will be able to finalize my decision regarding your offer within 2 days and my decision will surely be in best interests of my career and your Mathematics Department.

Many thanks for this opportunity


Yours sincerely

Joseph Smith

99 Bridgica Bulg, 15540 Hecianca Avenue, LA, California, USA