Letter of Recommendation (Positive) for Receptionist Job

Michael Grey

P O Box 1641, Round Rock, Texas, USA



Dated: 06-06-2009

Dear Mr. Grey

In concern with your letter investigating about Mr. Rick, I am pleased to provide you information.

Mr. Rick employed in our company as Receptionist from September 2008 for 8 months. He is very hard working, devoted toward duties and obedient employee. He keeps excellent communication skills, ability to work independently and follows thoroughly to ensure the job done.

He was responsible for answering telephone calls and emails, communicating with customers, directing visitors, setting appointments, typing memos and updating reports to the manager. He always attained his duties in cheerful manners and never got annoyance on extra duty hours. He has no habit of smoking or drinking and has been very serious toward his responsibilities.

His services count for our company and he is in our good books for ever. I recommend a good position in your company for him.


Tony Mendoza

900 Palm Brook Drive, Melbourne, Florida, USA