Recommendation Request Letter for Team Member

Here is a sample Recommendation Request Letter for Team Member,


Glen Coleman

81559 Polaris Street

Worcester, MA 02375


Dear Mr. Coleman:

Our years on the __________ team at __________ were challenging and productive. I remember our frequent conversations about our career paths and goals. I have decided to begin searching for the next opportunity in my career, and would like to ask you to provide a letter of reference for me.

To further my career in __________, I am applying for positions as a __________. The specific strengths I bring to a __________ position are an eagerness to meet company needs, the ability to participate as a strong team member, and a history of achieving results that exceeded expectations. Any examples of these strengths from our work together should be included in your reference letter.

Thank you for your attention to this request. I will contact you soon to verify that I may include your name on my reference list.



Drew Sterling