Sample Application Letter for Scholarship

Mark Rogers

Director of Scholarship Department, California, USA


Dated: 18-06-2009

Dear Sir

I am writing this letter to be considered for the Study Abroad Financial Aid Scholarship being a student of spring semester of my final year at Faculty of Cultural Studies California. My first preference is University of London for joining Faculty of Cultural Study.

One of the main reasons I wish to study at University of London is that the studies of culture are increasingly of global nature in international universities and it is adopting advanced similarities within different modern civilizations. This scholarship will enable me to study courses related to those I have completed at the Faculty of Cultural studies at California.

Another advantage for studying at London University is to get the opportunity to discover the cultural heritage of London in real life and making comparison rather than watching on television, reading in books or internet. Real study of the cultural differentiation would truly dilate my knowledge. Living and studying abroad contains benefits which I can not achieve by short visits. This opportunity will assist me in expanding my knowledge and experience in variety of academic disciplines. This scholarship will also enable me to interact with students from all over the world studying the similar syllabus. I like to accept new challenges and opportunities for my personal development by identifying new ways of promotion.

I am sending a copy of my resume, required transcripts, reference and personal statements; I hope it will assist you for consideration of my application about scholarship. If you need any additional information, please call me on my mobile. I look forward to your feedback soon.

Thanks in anticipation

Best regards

Yours sincerely

Adrian Chen

4321 Osgood Road, Unite E, Fremont, California, USA


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